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国立研究開発法人宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA)とX-NIHONBASHIは、2021年より海外の宇宙機関と協力し、日本企業と海外企業との宇宙領域における連携推進や非宇宙領域からの参入を促進することを目的としたビジネスマッチングプログラム「X-NIHONBASHI Global Hub」を実施しております。
今回フランス・パリにて開催される第73回国際宇宙会議(IAC 2022)において、期間中の9月20日(火)に X-NIHONBASHI Global Hub in IAC「JAPAN Pitch & Business Meetings」を開催することとなりました。

開催日時:2022年9月20日(火) 現地時間15:00-17:00
開催場所:IAC 2022 Paris 内 JAXA Booth(フランス・パリ)

(1)JAXA & X-NIHONBASHI プレゼンテーション


JAXA and X-NIHONBASHI have been working together with overseas space agencies since 2021 by implementing business matching programs aimed to promote collaboration between Japanese and overseas companies in the space domain and encouraging entry from the non-space domain as well, which is named “X-NIHONBASHI Global Hub”.

“X-NIHONBASHI Global Hub in IAC / JAPAN Pitch & Business Meetings” will be held at the IAC JAXA Booth during the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2022) in Paris on Tuesday, September 20th.

This event holds the purpose to accelerate international collaboration between Japanese and overseas space-related companies. It will provide opportunities for Japanese companies to present to overseas space related companies, space agencies and organizations participating in the IAC, and to reach many Japanese space business players at once.

<Event details>
X-NIHONBASHI Global Hub in IAC JAPAN Pitch & Business Meetings
Date and Time:September 20th (Tue) , 2022 3 : 00pm CEST~5 : 00pm CEST
Location:JAXA Booth in IAC 2022 Paris

<Program Content (tentative)>
(1) JAXA & X-NIHONBASHI Presentation
(2) Pitches and business meetings by Japanese companies