cross U Global Connect「Space Symposium 2024レポートおよびアメリカ宇宙ビジネスの潮流」

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米国最大規模の宇宙関連シンポジウムである「Space Symposium」。産業界のみならず米空軍、政府関係者も参加するネットワーキングおよび商談の場であり、米軍高官、政府高官及び米国宇宙関連企業トップが参加するため、影響力の大きいイベントと言われています。

今回は昨年に引き続き、元NASAでチーフエンジニアを務められ、現在 MJF Consulting LLCで世界中の企業でコンサルティングされている Michael Fletcher氏をお呼びし、第39回Space Symposiumに関して、氏の目線でレポートしていただきます。アメリカにおける宇宙ビジネスの潮流についても触れていただく予定です。



日   時:2024年7月19日(金)18:30~20:30(開場18:15)
場   所:X-NIHONBASHI BASE(東京都中央区⽇本橋室町3-3-9 日本橋アイティビル3F)
形   式:リアル開催のみ(会場/In-person)
言   語:トークセッションは英語(日本語で質疑応答も可です)
参 加 費:無料
定   員:30名 ※先着
参 加 対 象: クロスユー特別会員限定(会員同伴につき一般の方参加可能!
主   催:一般社団法人クロスユー
申 込 方 法:以下のウェブサイトよりお申し込みください。

 登壇者:MJF Consulting LLC President Michael Fletcher氏
 トークテーマ:Space Symposiumのレポートおよびアメリカの宇宙ビジネスの潮流

[Speaker Bio]
Michael Fletcher
President, MJF Consulting


Michael Fletcher is the president of MJF Consulting LLC, of Mountain View California. MJF Consulting provides management consultant services for U.S. and Japanese companies working in the space sector. Through MJF Consulting, Mr. Fletcher has provided services to a variety of clients from large, established legacy space companies to young start-up companies. MJF Consulting services include business development; senior management advice; and, market survey analysis.

Prior to starting MJF Consulting, Mr. Fletcher spent over 30 years at NASA’s Ames Research Center and NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. Mr. Fletcher retired NASA in 2020 from the Office of the Chief Engineer as Chief Engineer for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, and the Technical Advisor to Partnerships at NASA Ames. In his role as Technical Advisor to Partnerships, Mr. Fletcher established and promoted the NASA Ames-JAXA relationship and fostered B2B exchanges and events. Prior to joining NASA, Mr. Fletcher worked for the Northrop Corporation from 1986-1990.

Mr. Fletcher is a former Mansfield Fellow (2016-2017) and spent one year living in Tokyo and working in the Government of Japan (GOJ) on space and aeronautics policy topics. During his fellowship, he was assigned to MEXT, CAO (NSPS), MOD and JAXA.

Mr. Fletcher received a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from the California State Polytechnic University (Pomona, CA) and a SM degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA).

Organizer: cross U

The Space Symposium is the largest space-related symposium in the United States. It is a networking and business meeting place for not only industry, but also the U.S. Air Force and government officials, and is said to be a highly influential event with the participation of U.S. military and government officials and top executives of U.S. space-related companies.

Continuing from last year, cross U has invited Mr. Michael Fletcher, former NASA Chief Engineer, who is currently consulting for companies around the world at MJF Consulting LLC, to report on the 39th Space Symposium from his point of view. He will also discuss the current trend of space business in the U.S.

Date : July 19th 2024 (Fri) 6:30pm to 8:30pm (Open 6:15pm)
Venue : X-NIHONBASHI BASE (Nihonbashi IT Building, Nihonbashi Muromachi 3-3-9, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Style : In-person (No online)
Languege : English
Fee : Free
Capacity : 30 people (Non-members may participate if accompanied by crossU member.)
Organizer: cross U
How to apply : (Written in Japanese)

1. Talk session
Speaker : Mr. Michael Fletcher (President, MJF Consulting LLC)
Theme : Report of Space Symposium 2024 and US Space business trends
2. Networking